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horse feed

Peat Moss as a Horse Feed Ingredient

Reed sedge peat moss is a natural product that is composed of partially decomposed moss and other plant vegetation that accumulates in damp areas called bogs, mires, moors, or peats.

KER Research

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electrolyte and mineral clearance in urine

What Is the Best Design for Urine Collection in Equine Fractional Excretion Studies?

This study was designed to determine daily variation in urinary clearance and fractional excretion (FE) of electrolytes and minerals within and between horses and to compare volumetric and single-sample urine collection for determining FE values of diets with a range of dietary cation-anion balance.


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horse grazing

Selenium Status in Horses

Too much selenium causes alkali disease, or seleniosis, while too little may cause muscle problems or white muscle disease. But how do you know where your horse stands on the selenium front?

General Interest

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horse hay

'Tis the Season: Choosing Hay for Horses

Selecting the best hay for your horse has much to do with his metabolism.