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Horse eating grain

Feed Palatability: Horses Select Desirable Nutrients

Horses in one study preferred to eat either a protein-rich or carbohydrate-rich diet rather than diets fortified with fat.

KER Research

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electrolyte and mineral clearance in urine

What Is the Best Design for Urine Collection in Equine Fractional Excretion Studies?

This study was designed to determine daily variation in urinary clearance and fractional excretion (FE) of electrolytes and minerals within and between horses and to compare volumetric and single-sample urine collection for determining FE values of diets with a range of dietary cation-anion balance.


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hoof check

Wounds on Horses: Assessment and Treatment

Almost all horses will get some sort of injury that penetrates the skin. How can you, as the horse’s owner, assess discomfort, bleeding, chance of infection, and the overall severity of the wound?

General Interest

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Genetic testing for horses

Genetic Testing for Horses

Advances in genetic testing over the last several years have benefited horse owners in many ways.