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Hay net

Sampling Techniques for Hay Analysis

Accurate hay analysis depends on sample quality. In short, laboratories cannot do a worthwhile job if they have only poor samples to analyze. The only way to obtain a proper hay sample is by using a bale probe or corer.

KER Research

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nutrient digestibility

How is Nutrient Digestibility Determined in Horses?

Using 30 different diets, KER calculated digestibilities for numerous diets, yielding valuable information on nutrient requirements and interactions.


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Horse's hindleg in motion

Diet and Management Can Minimize Arthritic Changes in Horses

Though many people consider arthritis to be a disease of older equines, horses of any age can be affected by chronic joint inflammation.

General Interest

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Grazing horse

Is There a Safe Time for Fructan-Sensitive Horses to Graze?

Fructans—the sugars produced by cool-season grasses—are indigestible in the horse’s stomach and small intestine, so these nonstructural carbohydrates (NSC) end up in the hindgut, where they can disrupt the rate of fiber fermentation.