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KER Provides Nutrition Guidance for Veterinary and Farrier Hospital

KER Provides Nutrition Guidance for Veterinary and Farrier Hospital

Morgan Equine Veterinary & Farrier Hospital located in upstate New York trusts Kentucky Equine Research (KER) to be the source of equine nutrition education and support for its practice and clients


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feeding behavior

Relating the Five Senses to Feeding Horses

Horse owners may be baffled about some way their horses react to supplies of hay, feed, and water, but by sensing these things from a horse’s perspective, we can come closer to understanding why they react in ways that may initially seem surprising.

KER Research

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chromium supplementation

How Does Chromium Supplementation Affect Strenuously Exercising Horses?

Six trained Thoroughbred horses were used in a two-period switchback design experiment to evaluate the effect that chromium supplementation has on metabolic response to a standardized exercise test (SET) on a high-speed treadmill.


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respiratory disease

Heaves and Other Breathing Problems in Horses

Minor degrees of airway inflammation and small increases in mucus production quickly take their toll on horses, and every effort must be made to keep respiratory disease at bay.

General Interest

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Keeneland racetrack

Keeneland Race Course Going Back to Dirt Surface

Keeneland Race Course in Lexington, Kentucky, has announced that a change in racing surface will be completed well before its fall race meeting in October. The synthetic racing surface will be removed and a traditional dirt surface will be installed.