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fat horse in a field

Horse Weight Loss Requires Diet Changes, Exercise

Mirroring the epidemic in humans, the number of horses suffering from obesity continues to increase at an alarming rate, primarily due to excess nutrition and lack of exercise.

KER Research

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chromium supplementation

How Does Chromium Supplementation Affect Strenuously Exercising Horses?

Six trained Thoroughbred horses were used in a two-period switchback design experiment to evaluate the effect that chromium supplementation has on metabolic response to a standardized exercise test (SET) on a high-speed treadmill.


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sick horse in stall

No Shortcut for Diagnosing Equine Gastric Ulcers

A clear diagnosis of equine ulcers can only be achieved if the horse undergoes endoscopic examination, which involves having the veterinarian passes a long flexible tube with a camera in the tip into the stomach to directly visualize and assess the defects.

General Interest

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bare horse hoof

Improving Horse Hooves: Four Tips

Seasonal changes can wreak havoc on hoof health, leaving them cracked, split, or tender. Why so? Horse owners can implement a few management strategies to keep hooves in tip-top shape in the summertime.